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Accredited Training

We deliver accredited training in a range of 4WD-related competencies through the Great Divide Tours Registered Training Organisation Number: 45586.

Participants who successfully complete all assessment requirements are issued with a statement of attainment listing the nationally recognised units of competency they have undertaken.

Companies that require their employees to drive a 4WD vehicle as part of their work duties can use this evidence of competency to help satisfy their ‘duty of care’ obligations to provide appropriate training and safe systems of work for their staff. High quality training in 4WD driving skills also helps to reduce vehicle damage, maintenance costs and the risk of injury from unexpected events.

Below are our most popular course formats. Each course is delivered and assessed in a face-to-face group setting at our specialised 4WD training centre near Braidwood, NSW. To prepare for the course, you will be sent a pre-reading package of course notes in advance.

Remote area driving
Competency: SISODRV001 Drive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed roadsNRT Logo
Duration: One day
Topics: Driving on graded dirt roads, minor water crossings, wheel changing
Remote Area Driving - Participant Information

Introductory 4WD operation
Competency: TLIC0023 Operate four wheel drive vehicle
Duration: Two days
Topics: Driving on steep gradients and in rugged terrain, pre-start and post-op checks 
Introductory 4WD Operation - Participant Information

Advanced 4WD driving
Competency: FWPCOT3329 Perform complex four wheel drive operations
Duration: Two days (note that this course is often combined with ‘Advanced 4WD recovery’ and delivered in a three-day integrated course)
Topics: Complex 4WD driving, including in rugged terrain and through water crossings.
Advanced 4WD Driving - Participant Information

Advanced 4WD recovery
Competency: FWPCOT3326 Recover four wheel drive vehicle
Duration: One day (note that this course is often combined with ‘Advanced 4WD driving’ and delivered in a three-day integrated course)
Topics: 4WD recovery using winches, snatch straps and ground anchors
Advanced 4WD Recovery - Participant Information

For more details on each of these courses, please follow the participant information links above.



Course costs vary, depending on the number of people you wish to book in as part of your group, competencies required, the accommodation arrangements and other services you require. Please contact us to discuss your own training needs and additional services you may require.


Combined Courses

You can combine any or all the above courses depending on your specific needs. This may reduce slightly the face to face training times and costs, please contact us to obtain a quotation.



On-site accommodation: Bunk style (in the training centre) $40 per bunk bed per night; or camp in our fully serviced campground by arrangement

Off-site accommodation: Motel rooms are available in Braidwood from $130 per night

Meals: by arrangement – we have a commercial kitchen and dining room on-site, and can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to order

4WD hire: we can assist with arranging hire of a 4WD, contact us for assistance.

Customised courses

If you have specific training needs, or wish to include additional topics or driving techniques that are not normally covered in the units of competency, we would be happy to customise the course to suit your requirements.

For a quote, or to discuss your particular needs, please contact Vic Widman on 02 9913 1395 or at: info@greatdividetours.com.au.

To see our RTO policies and procedures, including policies relating to privacy, access and equity, fees and refunds, and complaints and appeals, please download our Student Handbook.

Student Handbook - Accredited training programs

If you do not need a statement of attainment to verify your competency, you may prefer to undertake one of the non-accredited courses we offer. Please see the side menu bar for the full range of courses available.

There is no guarantee that a learner will successfully complete a training product offered by Great Divide Tours nor does it guarantee that the learner will obtain a particular employment outcome which is outside the scope of the RTO. The accredited training provided by Great Divide Tours must meet the requirements of clause 1.1 and 1.2 of the company’s Quality Assurance Manual.