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NATURETOURISMCERTnewWelcome to our vast list of 4WD Tag Along Tours. You will find listed in the side bar on the left of your screen all of the 4WD tag along tours that we offer. We have 4WD trips ranging from our one day excursions out of Sydney to our extended outback safaris.

Great Divide Tours offers tag along tours to virtually every part of Australia. Our Tag Along tours provide the safety and professionalism of a long established touring company. We started operating in 1990 long before any other Sydney based tag along operators. On each tag along you will be accompanied by one or two highly experienced guides who also possess either Certificate 2 or Certificate 4 level in Work Place Training and Assessment. In other words, the guides that lead you are also our highly skilled 4WD training instructors that teach our clients the skills of four wheel driving. Our guides possess a vast knowledge of Australian history and the network of roads that criss cross this exciting land.

We do not carry paying passengers, instead Great Divide Tours provides the highest quality tag-along 4WD Tour guide service available. We are here to serve our tag-along 4WD Tour customers and our objective is not blurred by the need to attend to other client’s needs in our vehicles which so often impacts on other touring companies.


The majority of our tours are self catered and camping style, this keeps your costs down. However, we also offer a variety of fully catered and accommodated tours for those that wish to be pampered or simply don’t have the camping gear. We all need to be spoilt a little and these tours certainly take care of this.

On the extended safaris, once your deposit is received you will be provided with extensive tips and techniques on how to prepare your vehicle and yourself for the adventure of a life time. Using my 30 years of outback travel experience it is my objective to ensure that you have the best time of your life on our tours. Our many thousands of very satisfied customers are testimony to the great time that you will have whilst travelling with us.

At the bottom of each page for each tour I have provided a list of the some of the items you will need for that particular trip. On each of our camping trips we provide a gas BBQ for you to cook on, an open fire (weather permitting) and a large billy for tea and coffee, we provide a large tarpaulin shelter if it is wet, we carry all the necessary heavy recovery gear, satellite telephone for your safety and GPS navigation equipment. Your guides are experienced bush mechanics who will get you out of trouble if it finds you and can repair your tyres if they let you down.



It is our job to take care of the planning of the trip, we make sure you visit all the best and little known places and we make sure you have a great time whilst doing it.

Price changes
Please see our price change policy on this website.

If you have any questions on any of the trips listed below please call or Email me, I am only too happy to answer your questions.

A Word From Our Customers

"Dear Vic,
We would like to thank your company “Great Divide Tours” and in particular your guide Ian Bragg for an outstanding tour of the Victorian High Country in November this year. Previous to the trip we had researched the area thoroughly, talked with close friends who had also taken the same trip with your company and watched many a DVD on this area. The tour really did “tick every box” as Ian said and then some. Spectacular views, Australian history, fun four wheel driving and excellent company.

Our guide Ian was also outstanding, displaying a real sense of care for people in the group. His knowledge of the area and a keen eye on the weather, and a well considered itinerary for the week resulted in experiences we might otherwise had missed. Ian is clearly a very multi skilled guide including expertise in navigation, communication (people & vehicles), mechanical knowledge and 4WDing. Ian is obviously a quiet and unassuming high achiever who must be one of your best guides.

Thanks again for such a wonderful experience and we would do it again in a heart beat.

Many Thanks,
Paul and Wendy"


Looking forward to seeing you on one of our 4wd Tag Along Tours real soon.

-Vic Widman